Prevention of Obesity in Nevada


With regard to the Healthy People 2010 Nutrition Objectives mentioned in our text, I recalled that the state in which I live has developed an obesity prevention plan entitled “Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Obesity in Nevada”. I reviewed this fascinating document, completed in September 2006. This plan, with an overall mission to decrease the burden of chronic diseases by decreasing the prevalence of obesity in Nevada, is the framework our State Health Division utilizes to strengthen obesity prevention efforts within the state. The strategic plan document presents statistical data including; demographic profiling, rapid population growth, health insurance status, prevalence of obesity by gender, age, race/ethnicity and education. It further addresses socioeconomic status, incidence of chronic illness along with associated costs, and exercise and nutrition information for Nevadans. The national target percentages for Healthy People 2010 were compared to recent Nevada statistical data. The comparative data was used in developing the “Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Obesity in Nevada”. The goals focus on the areas of leadership, ongoing data collection and assessment, partnerships and performance. There are identified objectives within each goal. Progress toward the identified goals and objectives is to be reviewed annually. A comprehensive review of the Plan will be conducted in 2010 with realignment of goals at that time as indicated by the review. I am sure most states are using available health information and data to set goals toward improving the health of their citizens. One of the challenges Nevada faces is related to the rapid influx of people, many of whom are undocumented. Many of these same people are uninsured and have chronic illness and health education needs, which may not be realized until they access the healthcare system. Even with the many challenges, there is much more community health information available regarding obesity prevention, both published and in programs, than in years past. It is our goal, with combined efforts of healthcare professionals, to contribute in a positive manner toward both our state and national goals for healthy people.

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  1. Lenna Says:

    Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet article. Lol tkhnas

  2. Lynn Says:

    Holy Toledo, so glad I ciclked on this site first!

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