Project management


In order for a project to be successfully implemented on the go live date, it requires good planning and adequate resources. A good project manager is a must and well as great team members. The project manager will be required to orchestrate the implementation on the systems application, much like the conductor of a big band, the horns, drums, piano, violins, must enter at the right moments, but, before the big show there must be practice and sound test. When implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one, there must be prior preparation. Meetings must be held to notify the stakeholders and end users of the product, informing them about the product, why it was chosen, the goals and expectations, and their role in the final outcome. Who will be the main players? What are the expect goals and outcomes? What will be the team make up? The other systems vendors the new product will interface with will need to be informed to ensure a smooth integration of all the elements. The new language will have to be converted to a language that will be understood by the existing applications, and translated back to the language of the new application. The new system must be tested along with the current systems. The new system must not just function correctly on it’s on, but must also function in harmony with the existing systems. The new and existing systems must communicate with each other. Any quirks must be fixed ahead of the go live. Included in the implementation of the new system, is how it will be used, who will be using it, and how to use it. Teaching plans must also be set in motion. After all, what good is a new system, successfully installed, if the end user cannot use it, and does not know why it was implemented in the first place?

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