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Computer communication is here to stay and we must be cautious on not leaving behind the idea of human networking. Networking involves interaction, and when humans stop networking, the flow of communication and ideas slows to a trickle or just dams up altogether. My facility is currently undertaking the implementation of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and the staff are beginning to see what a daunting project it really can be. We have three separate teams working under one administrator and it appears as if no one is coordinating the efforts of all 3 teams. Each team says one thing, then another happens and another team has to scramble. The implementation is costly, and not just in dollars. There is the "umbrella" or main team, a surgical services team and a pharmacy team. Just to show what is occurring, the pharmacy team has no idea of the workflow of the nursing team and vice versa. And we go live with eMAR in 2 weeks. And new issues crop up that no one can answer. And the conversations between the clinical people and the IT people can be interesting to say the least. Our teams are small and that may be one of the issues. For projects like this, all members of the teams should have an understanding of the projects each team is involved in. And one person should coordinate the team. In a perfect world……….

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October 7, 2009
Title: Web, Communication and Information Management
Review of Introduction to Computers for Healthcare Professionals, Fourth Edition, 2005/2006. Authors: Irene Joos, Nancy Whitman, Marjorie Smith, and Ramona Nelson. Within Dr. Johnson’s course.
I found a lot of the information in these chapters to be stuff that I already knew for the most part. Although I did learn the definition of the world wide web. I just thought that the web was the Internet. One of the activities at the end of chapter 9 did walk you through creating your own web page. I did not know how to do that. Chapter 12 did go over all the computer crimes and some of them I had never heard of either. The IT professionals at work only address the most common threats.

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