Healthcare Informatics and the Reproductive System-Heath Assessment


The advances of healthcare informatics with the reproductive system are numerous.  With the female reproductive system, ultrasonography can detect such conditions as fibroids in the uterus causing abnormal vaginal bleeding as well as advances in laser surgical procedures to perform an abdominal hysterectomy.  The use of robotic surgical intervention is becoming more  popular especially in minimizing surgical risks.

With obstetrics, the advances of ultrasonography are tremendous and especially useful with problematic pregnancies.  The use of 3D ultrasound technology can detect fetal abnormalities and allow appropriate interventions.  With informatics, health care data can be shared with healthcare providers to assist with providing seamless care especially for the delivery of a newborn with specific health conditions.

With the male reproductive system, laser technology is utilized to perform many surgical procedures including surgical procedures on the prostate gland.  Diagnostic testing can detect many conditions including BPH and certain cancers.  With prostate cancer, there has been many advancements in the treatment regimen to improve the survival rate with early diagnosis using labwork and diagnostic testing such as ultrasound.

The advancements of healthcare technology and informatics greatly improves diagnostic evaluation of the male and female reproductive system.  This advancement assists in evaluating a patient in an obstetric emergency or a patient that is having hematuria which is a concise, efficient diagnosis which impacts patient outcomes.

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