Protection of Health Care Information


The differences among privacy, confidentiality and security The terms privacy, confidentiality and security are terms used to describe aspects of access that is the ability to obtain data and information for specific purposes any by specific users. Privacy, the individual’s right to limit the disclosure of personal information. The individual has the right to feel confident and trusting of the organization that their data and information will not be used inappropriately or released without their informed consent. Confidentiality is a condition in which that personal information is shared or released in a controlled manner. When information is released the individual should feel secure in the knowledge that the released information is complete and accurate, and is being released to the appropriate source for the correct reasons. Security refers to measures that organizations implement to protect information and systems, including efforts to ensure the integrity and availability of that information and the information system used to access it. With the ability to transmit information rapidly over the Internet and to large numbers of people, each institution should have policies and procedures in place to protect identifiable data and information, and to prevent inappropriate or accidental access to health care information and data. Some of these policies may meet the requirements of accreditation bodies. Violation of privacy, breaching of confidentiality or a failure to provide adequate security measures for health information can impose severe consequences.

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