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September 8, 2011

Frequently our work requires legal translation services. Our work may involve a company outside of the USA, a division of a company outside of the country, and/or contract work with a non-English speaking person. In these situations, we may turn to legal translation companies. We search for those companies said to have highly accredited legal translators. Our company consists of primarily healthcare informaticists and secretaries. Thus, we need to outsource our legal translation work. We prefer to use companies that maintain legal professions, legal proofreaders, and legal translators. It is good to have general proofreaders and translators available. However, the expert legal proofreaders and translators provide a higher standard of service. It is best to start with the legal experts than to have to modify work done by the non-legal experts. The legal experts are not all lawyers.

Sometimes we need an accurate interpretation of a document written in a foreign language. Many of these documents are court records. No one wants to have a misinterpretation of such important documents.

There are two things people should ask about when deciding on a legal translation agency. They are the ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the DIN EN 15038 norm. Few agencies have these two items.

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