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Community Health and Public Nursing

May 24, 2013

It is great to hear hard work actually pays off. Nursing school is very challenging and should be. We take care of patients, and the patients trust us with everything we do. We should make them feel as comfortable and confident that we all do out job correctly and that we as well feel confident in the work we do.

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Community Health and Public Health Nursing

December 5, 2011

I progressed in the program Community and Public Health Nursing, I could understand the significance of relating the total package including healthcare informatics. Each and every component is vital to the Community Health Nurse. During the last module I was able to finally connect it altogether. From patient education to physical assessment I am now prepared to use the tools and relate them in the CPHN perspective. This course has been challenging to complete when you work full time and are not in a structured environment, however I am extremely proud to be nearing the finish line and am competent to now work as a Community Health Nurse.

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Nutrition Web Resources for the School Age Child, comment

November 15, 2010

These websites are great! We have to remember that the generation viewing these websites are very computer “savvy” and pay attention to the information provided. As parents we need to look at the site and make sure it is suitable for our children. Our school nurses and pediatricians in my state also provided good nutrition information. The best education starts at home!

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April 23, 2009
Title: Nutrition Web Resources for the School Age Child
Nutritional web sites; what a wonderful resource for parents to have at their fingertips. Sites such as HealthLinks (, and keepkidshealthly ( provide useful information on topics such as healthy snacks, slim down plans, food pyramids and daily intake needs based upon the child’s age. Health Promotion (2006) states: “with more school age children accessing the Internet, child-friendly sites(noted above), may help children focus on ways to improve their nutrition and avoid obesity”. This has merit, however, the sites listed in the text are not kid-friendly web sites, rather they are geared toward adult reading levels and comprehension. I endorse kid friendly sites; sites where children can explore on their own the basics of nutrition, its impact on their health, and healthy food choices, all in a fun and engaging method. However, these sites are limited on the web, with the majority of information geared towards the adult population. This would be a great undertaking for a pediatric dietitian to create, as the need exists.

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