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Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Tutoring

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Tutoring

Healthcare Informatics Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Tutoring is available here. This includes coding related to COVID-19. Other healthcare subjects tutoring is available here during the shut down of colleges and schools.

Telemedicine for Pediatric Patients, comment

October 13, 2013

Also, the telemedicine communication link usually involves standard telephone service through high speed, wide bandwidth transmission of digital signals in conjunction with computer enhancement. Evolving alternative communication links for telemedicine include fiber optics, satellite connections, and other sophisticated peripheral equipment and software. Telemedicine can be divided into three areas: decision-making aids, remote sensing, and collaborative arrangements for real-time management of patients at a distance.

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Telemedicine for Pediatric Patients

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December 18, 2011

I think that telemedicine should develop as fast as possible within pediatric subspecialties. I believe it is crucial to our children that medical expertise be available as much as possible. In our small town and many small towns, specialized pediatric care is available at great distances. This means that families must drive great distances, ambulances must travel many miles, and medical air transport systems must be used in many emergencies.

We see pediatric specialist leaving our small town as the economy worsens here. Years ago, they were coming to our town as recruiting efforts were great. Other types of specialists besides pediatricians were also arriving to our town years ago. But this is not the case now. Telemedicine is a viable means to fill the voids.

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