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Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Tutoring

March 19, 2020

Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Tutoring

Healthcare Informatics Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 Tutoring is available here. This includes coding related to COVID-19. Other healthcare subjects tutoring is available here during the shut down of colleges and schools.

Impact of Technology on the Teacher and the Learner

June 18, 2012

The section on The Impact of Technology on the Teacher and the Learner has two very interesting points. The idea of encouraging our patients to use technology to seek information and educating them on how to find valid information is great. I have been in the situation where the patient has accessed information on their own and I helped them filter through details, however I had not considered encouraging patient’s to go on the internet to help
better inform themselves. I recently had this discussion with a preceptor of mine and she does encourage her patient’s to use the internet. She does specify to her patients to us either WebMD or E-medicine to help avoid them finding misleading information. I had never thought of encouraging my patients to access the internet, but I have seen the benefits on educating on valid web sites and empowering the patient to research their new diagnosis. This will
become part of my patient education.

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Informatics: Where in the World is Google Health

October 18, 2011

As a nursing instructor it amazes me how many students reference Google as a source for information. Students today are computer savvy. They can find anything they want on the computer. What I stress to them is the reliability of their source. At our school we have a list of approved websites that students can go to for research. You have mentioned emedicine and NIH as options. Students need to become familiar with websites that use evidenced based practice and that will help them with literature review. Some of those sites include: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Medscape, and National Library of Medicine. I find that if the students begin to familiarize themselves with these sites, then the skies the limit for their research. I want students to teach their patients everyday at clinical and being able to back their teaching with evidenced-based practice is the way to go.

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