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The Elderly and the Internet, comment

November 3, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (April 29, 2009). The Elderly and the Internet {Blog post}.

Retrieved from

My comment regarding elderly and the internet is simple, leave the internet to the younger generation. I cannot even imagine my grandmother chatting, dating or socializing on the internet. Criminals are looking for ways to prey upon the elder’s. I believe when elders become a certain age they are targets for schemes.The elderly can sometimes be way to nice to individuals they don’t know, which makes them targets for bad people to take advantage of them. I believe elders see good in everyone and they could possible make the wrong decision online with trust.

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Seasonal Allergies

April 22, 2013

I have two children who suffer from seasonal allergies. Their symptoms are similar, usually characterized by rhinitis and frequent sinus infections. These recurrent problems often lead to frequent trips to the doctor’s office. In the past, I’ve been asked by the doctor to keep a hand written account of their symptoms to take back to the office. I believe that if the information could be sent to the doctor electronically, it would be more convenient for the pt, and the doctor could share the information with other clinicians. The data could also be organized to look for any patterns between patients.

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Impact of Technology on the Teacher and the Learner

June 18, 2012

The section on The Impact of Technology on the Teacher and the Learner has two very interesting points. The idea of encouraging our patients to use technology to seek information and educating them on how to find valid information is great. I have been in the situation where the patient has accessed information on their own and I helped them filter through details, however I had not considered encouraging patient’s to go on the internet to help
better inform themselves. I recently had this discussion with a preceptor of mine and she does encourage her patient’s to use the internet. She does specify to her patients to us either WebMD or E-medicine to help avoid them finding misleading information. I had never thought of encouraging my patients to access the internet, but I have seen the benefits on educating on valid web sites and empowering the patient to research their new diagnosis. This will
become part of my patient education.

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A cool hangout area on our patio

May 10, 2011

Guest post written by Nicole Simmons

My roommates and I have been getting along really well together since we moved in together. We all knew each other from college and just happened to be moving to the same place after for work so it really worked out perfectly! I’m excited for this warm weather that’s coming up and I think that will make us hang out a little bit more outside. But first we have to do a little makeover for our patio area.

There are some old plastic patio chairs that are proabbly almsot as old as we are sitting out in our patio area and we’ve decided to buy some nicer stuff that will make us want to actually use that space. I used our internet to find some ideas for decorating that would make the area mroe inviting and a reflection fo our design tastes.

I found some really cute ideas, including putting some curtains up outside as another way to block the sun. We’ve picked out some cute pieces of furniture and maybe even am umbrella. I think this is going to be a great little area for us to hang out in!

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