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Advanded Physiological Nursing Course via Internet Learning, comment

November 18, 2010

I have made two attempts to go back to college and get my BSN and both times just could not do it. Sitting a classroom for three to four hours two nights a week was impossible. Now I’m able to work at my own pace in the comfort of my home.  I have to have my BSN in order to advance in my current job and this Advanced Physiological Nursing online program has been wonderful.

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May 20, 2010

Title: Advanded Physiological Nursing Course via Internet Learning, comment

I have to agree with the two previous posts regarding this the ability to take this course on line, at my own pace, in my own home and around my schedule. I have put off going back for my BSN because I work full time and have a family that needs my attention. There is no way I could concentrate in the classroom if I was worried about my family at home. By taking this course on line, I am able to work the quizzes in at times that are convenient for both me and my family. I can go through the units at my own pace, spending additional time on the concepts that are more difficult or require extra attention. It has been a long time since I sat in a class room. This course is very impressive. I love the website and the interactive learning. It is also wonderful to get quizzes graded immediately with feedback regarding areas to concentrate on for incorrectly answered questions. There is no grading on a curve or extra credit assignments to pull your grade up. On line learning puts accountability on the student – you get out of it what you put into it.

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March 8, 2010
Title: Advanced Physiological Nursing Course Via Internet Learning
I couldn’t agree more with the writer of this discussion forum. I have learned much more from this course than if I was sitting in a traditional classroom. I am able to proceed at my own speed. I can concentrate more on the systems of the body where my knowledge is lacking and less on the systems I know better. It is less stressful also to be able to take quizzes and tests when I actually have time as opposed to on a schedule set by someone else. I can do my readings when I am at my best instead staying up half the night trying to complete them in time for the next class. It has forced me to really utilize my time management skills.

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March 4, 2010
Title: Advanced Physiological Nursing Course Via Internet Learning
This was a great course, I feel as though I learned more than I would have sitting in a classroom because I not only had to do the reading but also had to research the Internet to find answers and explanations to questions I didn’t know, was unsure about, or didn’t understand. In many ways this course was harder than the past physiology course I took sitting in a classroom. I think in the classroom it is all too easy for instructors to teach to their test (either subtly or overtly) because their success is on the line. With an Internet course the ability to pass the class and do well rests with me. My goal was to come into this class and learn as much as I can, give more than 100% and achieve the highest possible grade I can earn. I feel as though I have accomplished the first goals and will await taking the final to see if I have achieved my last goal of an A in this course.

Online Advanced Physiological Nursing Course

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The discipline of nursing informatics

March 8, 2009

RE: Health Care Informatics An Interdisciplinary Approach, 2002 by Sheila Englebardt and Ramona Nelson


In reading Part One, The Foundations of Healthcare Informatics I was struck by how amazing the interaction of the systems actually are in the process of informatics. The sum of the parts to become the whole is deceiving on the surface when you are looking at an information system such as the EMR. Our hospital uses Meditech Magic for the majority of our medical patients. In looking at the EMR of a patient on the Meditech system it at first seems like a very simple record of the patient’s care. However, when you break it down and realize what has gone into making this record it is incredible that it happened at all. Not only are there several modules involved in building this seemingly simple record but when you look at the queries for each module and the process of data gathering that comes together to form this record it is truly amazing. I help build the dictionaries for the nursing and physician modules. I am very aware of how involved it is to build a simple assessment in these modules. You must first build the dictionary and the interventions. Then you have to build the queries and the group responses and bring these together in your customer-defined screen. This, in itself, is a complex process. However, reading these chapters reminded me of everything else that is involved in the actual completion of these assessments. There are auto responses that are pulled from the admissions module. I did not define these and yet I expect, or maybe a better term is, take for granted, that these responses will be available for my assessment. The complexity of these systems also made me appreciate how difficult implementation of these systems can be. I found the information on learning styles and adult learning very informative. I have done 2 implementations since I started this position 2 years ago. I have assisted on 2 other implementations as well. As a nurse, my largest role in go live is to teach and support the end users. I will in my next implementation be aware of these learning styles. One of the suggestions I liked was to highlight important details in my education manuals so that the student will not have to write it and be more attentive to the information they are hearing. My hope for the next lesson is some assistance on how to engage clinicians in accepting and using clinical decision support systems. The last chapter acknowledged clinicians could see these systems as a threat. Hopefully the next lesson will give tips on how to lessen this threat and allow the clinicians to see this as a useful tool.

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