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Distributed Education: valuable in the healthcare environment (comment)

March 31, 2014

Many health care professions are required to continue their education in order to keep their license. The internet is a great source for these requirements. The internet allows professions from different states, and even countries, to collaborate and teach each other something new. This also helps with computer skills and knowledge. Technology is already a big part in the medical field and it is only going to keep growing. Having computer skills is necessary in any medical profession.

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Distributed Education: valuable in the healthcare environment


Distributed Education: valuable in the healthcare environment

April 25, 2013

Distributed education and distance learning capabilities benefit the health care professional by providing anytime and anywhere high quality learning opportunities. This capability allows hospital personnel to more easily obtain credentials and keep up with continuing education requirements. Distance learning also promotes and facilitates communication among hospital personnel and hospital professionals. Many online resources promote collaboration across disciplines and institutions by facilitating the exchange of peer reviewed educational materials, knowledge, and solutions, which ultimately improve patient care. Additionally, implementation of an e-learning or learning management system enables healthcare organization to provide accessibility, reuse content, and interoperability of learning objects and tracking of learner progress. There is an increasing need for healthcare workers to transfer computer and information management skills to the workplace. The growing use of technologies through distributed education within healthcare professions is due to requirements of maintaining certifications, obtaining continuing education, and completing e-learning competencies. The advantage of distributed education and technology has created a multitude of opportunities for the ongoing development of the adult learner. Distributed education enables the healthcare professional to increase their skills in ongoing lifelong learning, which assists in providing improved patient care, resulting in better health outcomes.

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