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Impact of Technology on the Parent and the Learner

May 6, 2014

RE: Healthcare Informatics Resources (2012 June 18) Impact of Technology on the Teacher and the Learner [Blog Post] Retrieved from

The impact of technology on the parent and the student is very great. Parents should not be afraid to embrace online learning and computer usage. When parents support their children in the use of online education and tutoring, the achievement levels go way up! A request is made of leaders and parents to financially support this goal. Please spread the word to others.

See the campaign started by Dr. Johnson at

Support Online Tutoring of Children

Support Online Tutoring of Children

The Elderly and the Internet, comment

November 17, 2013

This is very true. There are many hypochondriacs out there that could get carried away with medical websites like MD. I don’t think that the internet will ever be able to replace the knowledge and advice we receive from a live doctor.

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The Elderly and the Internet

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The Elderly and the Internet, comment

November 3, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (April 29, 2009). The Elderly and the Internet {Blog post}.

Retrieved from

My comment regarding elderly and the internet is simple, leave the internet to the younger generation. I cannot even imagine my grandmother chatting, dating or socializing on the internet. Criminals are looking for ways to prey upon the elder’s. I believe when elders become a certain age they are targets for schemes.The elderly can sometimes be way to nice to individuals they don’t know, which makes them targets for bad people to take advantage of them. I believe elders see good in everyone and they could possible make the wrong decision online with trust.

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Informatics: Where in the World is Google Health, comment

July 24, 2013

I agree that Google is a dangerous site to search on regarding health issues. My sister Google’s everything to do with her health, and questions why is this happening and she’ll put in her symptoms that she is having, and it comes up with some off the wall responses. This puts fear in her and does more harm for her than good.


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A cool hangout area on our patio

May 10, 2011

Guest post written by Nicole Simmons

My roommates and I have been getting along really well together since we moved in together. We all knew each other from college and just happened to be moving to the same place after for work so it really worked out perfectly! I’m excited for this warm weather that’s coming up and I think that will make us hang out a little bit more outside. But first we have to do a little makeover for our patio area.

There are some old plastic patio chairs that are proabbly almsot as old as we are sitting out in our patio area and we’ve decided to buy some nicer stuff that will make us want to actually use that space. I used our internet to find some ideas for decorating that would make the area mroe inviting and a reflection fo our design tastes.

I found some really cute ideas, including putting some curtains up outside as another way to block the sun. We’ve picked out some cute pieces of furniture and maybe even am umbrella. I think this is going to be a great little area for us to hang out in!

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