Distributed Education: valuable in the healthcare environment (comment)


Many health care professions are required to continue their education in order to keep their license. The internet is a great source for these requirements. The internet allows professions from different states, and even countries, to collaborate and teach each other something new. This also helps with computer skills and knowledge. Technology is already a big part in the medical field and it is only going to keep growing. Having computer skills is necessary in any medical profession.

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Distributed Education: valuable in the healthcare environment


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  1. Admin Says:

     As a healthcare profession, I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). The state of Michigan states, I have to work at least eight hours yearly in order to keep my licenses or the will expire. I also have to take online modules to make sure I am knowledgeable about the care I am providing to the patients at the nursing home. I believe it’s a great ideal because when your busy working as a healthcare provider you tend to go with the flow of what others are doing and it may not be the right way. Staying educated within the nursing home field  helps the patients safe. I also agree with technology changing. If you want to grow within your profession your have to stay updated about policies and procedures. Thanks for your views.

  2. Admin Says:

    I agree that continuing education after high school is very important for a future especially in the medical field with the continuous changes. With the use of the internet, taking classes online in your own home is a great way to stay up to date with the latest technology and procedures. Any more taken classes online is pretty much the same as taking them in the classroom.

  3. Admin Says:

    Continuous education is a plus and a great idea, especially in the medical field. In the medical field, within time, everything tends to change. New procedures, new diseases and new techniques could be a few ideas of change. I know that I would like to have a nurse or doctor with the most up to date techniques and the best knowledge of today.

  4. Admin Says:

    What an interesting blog. I have taken some online courses in order to get continuing education hours for my license. The courses I took happened to be online and I actually learned a lot. I was able to complete the course in the comfort of my own home which I think increased the amount I was able to take from the course since I was in such a relaxed atmosphere.

  5. Admin Says:

    I agree that education is very important and having refresher courses benefits employees as well. The farther you go in your education the better chance of getting a job in the healthcare field. Hospitals are looking for RN`s and less people are hiring LPNS or nurses with associate`s degrees. Most health care facilities have refresher courses in things like CPR, FIrst AID and patient care to help keep employees up to date on new policies and make sure they remember what they learned when they were trained or in school.

  6. Admin Says:

    I agree with you that continuing schooling is pretty much mandatory from an employer. I had a summer job that lasted for three months, the reason I was not kept at the job for longer than the three months was because I do not have any degree yet. If I would have had a degree then I would have been allowed to stay as a permanent member. The new guy that the company hired did not have any degree either so he will most likely not be kept same as me.

  7. Admin Says:

    My friend is a nurse and she moved to Plano, Texas last year.The hospital that she works for doesn’t even hire nurses with associate degrees you must have a bachelors degree.

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