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The Elderly and the Internet, comment

November 3, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (April 29, 2009). The Elderly and the Internet {Blog post}.

Retrieved from

My comment regarding elderly and the internet is simple, leave the internet to the younger generation. I cannot even imagine my grandmother chatting, dating or socializing on the internet. Criminals are looking for ways to prey upon the elder’s. I believe when elders become a certain age they are targets for schemes.The elderly can sometimes be way to nice to individuals they don’t know, which makes them targets for bad people to take advantage of them. I believe elders see good in everyone and they could possible make the wrong decision online with trust.

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Progress, Change, Future (comment)

November 3, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (2013, June 11). Progress, Change, Future [Blog post]. Retrieved from

In this new world of technology nothing stays the same for very long. Technology has become a big part in our society, including our hospitals. We have come a long way from when we could not do heart surgery to where now in some cases heart surgery can be done with minimal invasive technics. Information is easily passed between doctors in order to figure out what the best treatments are and what trial and errors have been done. As technology continues to grow so will the knowledge of our doctors which will hopefully lead to a future of less sickness and diseases.

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