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Nursing Informatics and health Assessment, comment

October 31, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (2013, April 29). Nursing Informatics and health Assessment [Blog post]. Retrieved from

I completely agree with this post about nurses needing to learn and get trained in using the computer programs at work.  When I was taught through my job, I was taught by someone who had only one day of training.  I had to base my knowledge off of what she remembered.  I also had to trust that she was doing it right and that she was showing me a good way to learn and remember.  If I would have had a day or more of training then I would have been ok with making mistakes and doing things wrong.  But when you are just thrown into something and then do it wrong it could jeopardize your job, especially when it has to do with patient information.


Future Population Trends, comment

October 31, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (2013, April 29). Future Population Trends [Blog post]. Retrieved from
My comment regarding Future Population Trends is, with the era of the baby boomers approaching, we need to make sure we are fully prepared and ready for their care. While we do have certain technologies that we can use to assist us, we need to make sure they have enough hands on care as well. My mother works for a nursing home often discusses the concern of whether or not there will be enough nurses and aids for the influx of patients. Nursing homes and other care clinics need to ensure that they are staffed enough to make sure our senior citizens are getting the best care that they can possibly get. Providers also need to make sure that their employees are being compensated for the work they are doing as well, as care taking can be a very challenging and demanding job.

Electronic Communication, comment

October 31, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources. (2013, May 22). Electronic Communication [Blog Post].
Retrieved From
Electronic communication is a great idea. It saves all the patients information electronically which makes it easy for medical personnel to pull up and read. This is helpful when the patient cannot remember or is unable to tell you his/her medical past. Although this is a great idea, and I support it fully, what I do not support is how I have been seeing it work out. I have witnessed in multiple medical settings this technology working and once the staff has figured it out, they switch programs and have to start all over. Re-learning new systems over and over again is exhausting for medical personal. They tend to have problems finding what they are looking for because the system is always changing so they end up wasting time trying to figure out the current system. If the medical community can agree to one type of system/program and do simple updates once a year then this would really be an amazing tool.
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