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Informatics: Where in the World is Google Health, comment

July 24, 2013

I agree that Google is a dangerous site to search on regarding health issues. My sister Google’s everything to do with her health, and questions why is this happening and she’ll put in her symptoms that she is having, and it comes up with some off the wall responses. This puts fear in her and does more harm for her than good.


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Future Population Trends, comment

July 24, 2013

Healthcare Informatics Resources (2009, April 29) Future population trends [Blog Post] Retrieved from
My comment regarding future population trends is I think the healthcare industry is well prepared for the generation of baby boomers. I work in the OR (Operating Room) and not a day goes by when I am not amazed by the capability of the surgeons I work with. In today’s world, healthcare is very competitive and physicians go over and beyond to be the best. There are many technologies emerging that allow physicians to do more also. Residents are receiving better training than ever before and they are emerging as well trained physicians who are well versed in the current technologies and ready to care for all those who require care. I am confident in the future of medicine and I believe the baby boomers will be in very capable hands.

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Electronic Communication, comment

July 23, 2013

Healthcare informatics Resources, May, 24, 2013, Electronic Communication [blog post],
My comment on electronic communications in the medical field is that this amazing tool often does not get the credit it deserves quite often because people that use these tools on a daily basis only think about how it makes their job easier, and true it does. However it does so much more than that. By reducing the amount of paper in the office it actually reduces the amount of accidents due to clerical errors, misdiagnosis, reduce the chance for under or overdosing of medications. And also increases the speed of information that travels that can mean a persons life in an emergency. There needs to be a study done on how (they’re probably already is one) many lives electronic records and systems save each year.

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The Elderly and the Internet, comment

July 18, 2013

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Healthcare informatcis resources (April 29, 2009) The Elderly and the Internet [Blog Post] Retrieved from

I believe the internet is a great and powerful tool for the elderly if they are able to use it. We recently just got my great-grandma an iPad. Now of course it took her a while to learn how to use it but she loves getting e-mails from all her grand kids and sending her picture. She also like to be able to read the news paper on line. There are so many interesting things on the internet that they could use if they got someone to help them out at first.

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Identifying National and International Standards to Benefit the Health Care Consumer

July 8, 2013

Standards help to define processes and methods. In the health care environment, the development and acceptance of standards to be implemented within the United States is slow. Lack of standards has slowed the development of an integrated delivery system within the United States, not to mention international standards. This is unfortunate in how it can affect the health care consumer. Many health care consumers have health care issues and experiences, whether it is for themselves, family, or friends, in different health care facilities nationally and internationally. If there are people, there will be illness and therefore health care is needed all over the world. Established standards, whether for electronic documentation processes or manual paper processes, would ultimately benefit the health care consumer by patient involvement and outcomes. It is commendable that there are standards development groups working at establishing health care standards to adopt nationally, as well as, internationally. The future development of electronic health records and other technological devices will continue to drive the need for standards and help prepare for future initiatives. The health care consumer of today is more knowledgeable of their personal health issues and also more responsible in their own care and outcomes. This is due in part by the requirement of hospitals and providers requiring the documentation of the patient’s current medication list. This is placing a responsibility on the health care consumer to become more aware and involved in their personal care of themselves or relatives. Along with the accessibility to health care information on the Internet, patient education departments, and other resources of health information, the health care consumer is becoming educated more than ever before. Health care standards organizations will continue the great tasks of establishing standards and perhaps there may one day be a set of specific standards identified within health care across the globe. With the vast developments of new technology, it will be interesting to be a part of what developments are accepted, adopted, and implemented as it relates to ones personal health care information.

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