Future population trends, comment


Healthcare Informatics Resources (June 6th, 2013) Future population trends {Blog post} Retrieved from https://healthcare-informatics-resources.com/2013/06/06/future-population-trends-2/

My comment regarding future population trends is: It is true, people are living longer and having a desire to live a more fulfilling life in old age. Last year we had our first 100+ year old marathon runner in the world. And an article on yahoo.com discussed how very soon the first 120+ year old human being is expected soon. It is wonderful to see medical technology adding us in living longer. However the longer we live the more things break down, and the technology / medicine that keeps us going this extra distance isn’t cheap. We are seeing the effect on this in rising healthcare cost. It is my feeling that besides the difficulty of finding cures for illness, the next big challenge for mankind will be making this technology affordable for all to enjoy.

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4 Responses to “Future population trends, comment”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It is amazing that people are able to live longer now due to different types of medical technology. I agree that it will be a big challenge to make this technology affordable for all. With the already rising health care costs I imagine allowing each person to have access to such technology will be pretty expensive. In reality though I am not sure that I would want to live that long. While I think it would be great for my children so that they have me around longer (if they want me around that is) I think that after so many years you would just be ready. I do not think that everyone would want to use this technology to live longer. Just my opinion.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    He is from India I believe, I would have to look up the article again which might take some time. However I’m glad you brought up good genes and how they might effect how long we live. I was reading a little bit on mapping the human genome and some progress we have made recently in that field. It will be interesting to see how maybe isolating the gene that helps us to live longer might be observed in the future and possibly altered in some way to increase our chances of longer life.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Very interesting subject. Living longer is a great thing, as long as the quality of life is such that those extra years gained are spent pain and disease free. The medical cost in achieving that is high. Containing our nations increasing costs now will be imperative to seeing centurions become the norm. The amount of money needed for them to not only receive care, but just to sustain costs of life is hard to grasp. Living to 120+ years will take a combination of good genes, access to great care and a huge amount of personal responsibility. On a side note, having run in a marathon myself, and knowing first hand the muscle and joint discomfort from stressing the body for 3+ hours, I give a huge high five to this man you mention!! I wonder what country he is from?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Good points.  Along with technology and research we are able to live long and cure more disease.  Before antibiotics were discovered we could die from a simple infection.  HIV and Cancer were the diagnosis of a death sentence and now many people live long lives after these diagnosis.  While we all enjoy these benefits we also must deal with the other side of the coin.  We now have an access and financial issues.

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