Nursing And The Electronic Invasion, comment


Human Informatics Resources. (2013, May 3). Nursing And The Electronic Invasion [blog post]. Retrieved from:
My comment regarding nursing and the electronic invasion is that I finding it shocking that nurses have gone from paper to computer monitoring systems. I would believe that computers would allow for more mistakes and take longer for the nurses to get into the correct spot to put the information in.
Also in this blog it states that at her hospital they have 30 minutes before and after each medication time for each patient to document it correctly, then a report gets printed and the director looks at it and reads who was late for their times and they are posted. This would be very difficult if they are short staffed and there are to many patients to each nurse and they have a hard time getting all of the information put into the system because some patients take more time then others.
I am not sure if it the a good thing that nurses are put under so much pressure because if they are having a bad day and they are having a hard time inputting the information at the correct times it could make them even more over whelmed.

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