Mac Tutoring Classes Online for Seniors and Others


Dr. Johnson has announced he is offering Macintosh online classes for senior citizens. The education is geared toward senior, middle-aged, and young citizens. This is a brave online move on his part. If anyone can do it, he can. I am impressed with the way he introduced us to healthcare informatics, computing, and the Internet within our Healthcare Informatics course. Not all concepts are easy to grasp when learning online. But Dr. Johnson proved it can be done. He provided details when needed. He provided pictures. The explanations he gave where easy to follow. The textbooks he used where excellent. There were times when concepts were difficult to understand. Dr. Johnson did not mind taking the extra time for us to learn these new and difficult concepts.

Seniors, you are in good hand. Don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Johnson for help if you need it. You will enjoy his tutoring with Macintosh machines.

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Healthcare Informatics Online College Professor Teacher Instructor Available
Healthcare Informatics Online Tutor
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Mac Tutoring Classes Online for Seniors and Others
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