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Calgary Apartments

November 23, 2011

Visitors to are people looking for Calgary Apartments. There is a section where the visitor can find a mortgage. This program checks at least 40 lenders, so a visitor can compare right online.

There is another section devoted to finding available properties. These properties are listed according to approximately 16 geographical areas. The properties are linked according to about 9 types (e.g. duplexes). Or a person can search all available types at one time. There is a link to list the properties by number of bedrooms. And a third link follows price ranges.

The last section allows property owners to advertise. The owners can list apartments and houses for rent in Calgary, Alberta.

RentCalgary also has a banner spot. They do not give details about advertising here. The company currently viewed at this one spot is Sears. A phone number is listed in the finding available properties section. Thus, a visitor can call this number and request information about the banner placement site.


Field Trip

November 22, 2011

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Today is going to be a fun day! My son’s class is going on a field tripto the local aquarium and I am taking the day off from work to go with him. I took him to the bus stop this morning with him talking all the way about how excited he was to see the big fish. Once I got him on the bus I returned home to get ready. The fact that I am going with him is a surprise—I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I arrive at school in a few hours. AS excited as he is, I may be even more so. It’s a real gift to be able to experience new things with your children. Nothing is more enjoyable for me than seeing his face as he makes new discoveries. I’m going to run a few errands on my way to his school and then we will be off on our adventure. All I have let to do is set my ADT Home Security System on my way out the door and the adventure starts!

Walmart’s Pre-Black Friday Healthcare Informatics Textbooks

November 22, 2011

Healthcare Informatics textbooks and more. USA, LLC

On Thursday, November 25th, Thanksgiving Day, come back here for Walmart’s Black Friday low prices. USA, LLC

Slipping The Nutcracker into our family’s packed holiday schedule

November 21, 2011

Guest post written by Glinda Roper

One sure thing that I can count on is our family doing all kinds of different things to celebrate the holiday season. With my family, it’s seemed like more is always more. We’re gluttons for all kinds of holiday activities and anyone who looks at our family calendar wouldn’t’ doubt that. But I thought that this year I would try and see if we could go and see The Nutcracker together. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do the past couple of Christmases, but we just didn’t get around to it.

I made it a priority this year so a few weeks ago I went online to go ahead and buy tickets for it. While I was looking online for some discounted ones, I saw information on miracle ear and after I looked through it some I decided to go and get fitted with some hearing aids.

I did find some good discounted tickets for our local Nutcracker ballet and I’m really looking forward to going and see it. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen it performed!

Standardized Language in Healthcare

November 18, 2011

As the electronic health record (EHR) becomes increasingly utilized across the nation, a standardized language will need to be implemented and followed. This will improve more accurate billing, informed patient management, increased precision of documentation, and improve knowledge. Functioning without standards would be chaotic, out of control, and confusing to all individuals. Standardization proves to enhance any process. With the strategic organizational initiatives of many physician offices, clinics, medical centers, and hospitals to implement an automated electronic environment for documenting a patient’s health history, which then automate other processes, the need increases for the uniformity of a language. The downside of the uncontrolled terminology of medicine has been accentuated by the computer age, because without standard vocabulary the ability to acquire knowledge about healing professions through information technology is limited. Many clinical applications available today have restricted utility because they cannot understand each other. It seems with the urgency of healthcare facilities implementing EMRs, the development of a standard language is critical and needs to be on a fast track to develop solutions. Healthcare information system developers are not waiting for the standards bodies, in existence today, to make these determinations. These developers know that precise medical words are needed to analyze the information from automated medical records, which will improve quality and service in healthcare. Rather than use any existing clinical vocabulary standard, they are creating their own dictionaries or vocabulary sets. Although this represents a slight improvement over un-encoded or free text documentation, each vendor working in isolation, are creating a terminology which cannot be read or understood by other systems. This makes the potential of data exchange and comparing impossible. It is imperative that healthcare organizations, vendors, and government agencies work collaboratively to implement measures to effectively localize, update, and disseminate healthcare terminologies, mappings, and other terminology-related content currently issued by national and international standards bodies. A standardized language in healthcare is something of a monumental task, but one that needs dedicated professionals in establishing these standards. Although some standard languages exist, developed by various standards organizations, the need is paramount of unifying a standardized language. Controlled medical terminology is essential to maximize the true benefits of implementing a fully operational EMR. Additionally, if all physicians, nurses, patients, hospitals, clinics, payers, and government agencies would commit to the same healthcare language, the one who unquestionably benefits from this is the patient who can be any one of us.

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Using nursing informatics to assist patients recovering from heart surgery

November 2, 2011

I am using “Health Assessment for Nursing Practice by Wilson. After reading chapter 18 of the textbook, Heart and Peripheral Vascular System, I was thinking about the many different ways in which nursing informatics could have a positive impact and possible help improve patient outcomes. I searched the internet and found an interesting article published by the Journal of Advanced Nursing titled “HeartCare: an Internet-based information and support system for patient home recovery after coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery.” Heart-Care is reportedly an Internet based program designed to assist and support patients who have undergone coronary artery bypass graft surgery in the recovery process at home. This type of program offers a good example of how nursing informatics may be used extensively in the future especially if programs like this one can provide positive patient outcomes.

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