Informatics: Where in the World is Google Health


As a nursing instructor it amazes me how many students reference Google as a source for information. Students today are computer savvy. They can find anything they want on the computer. What I stress to them is the reliability of their source. At our school we have a list of approved websites that students can go to for research. You have mentioned emedicine and NIH as options. Students need to become familiar with websites that use evidenced based practice and that will help them with literature review. Some of those sites include: CINAHL, MEDLINE, Medscape, and National Library of Medicine. I find that if the students begin to familiarize themselves with these sites, then the skies the limit for their research. I want students to teach their patients everyday at clinical and being able to back their teaching with evidenced-based practice is the way to go.

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2 Responses to “Informatics: Where in the World is Google Health”

  1. Kayla Finateri Says:

    I have to admit that I am guilty of going to Google and putting my symptoms in to see what kind of illness I have but that is not that place to ever go to see what you have. I am not as gullible as some people can be when it comes to reading things like if I put in that I am having head pains Google could suggest that I have a tumor or something when I know I don’t. But there are some people out there that would start being completely convinced they have a tumor rush themselves to the emergency room when in reality all they have was just minor head pains. I think that Google is helpful when trying to diagnose yourself but it should never be taken extremely seriously.

  2. Seks Says:

    Its hard to find really informative and accurate information but here I noted

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