Technology Skills and Clinical Knowledge


Our nursing program is in the process of applying to become a degree-granting program. We are currently a diploma program. One of the needs we have identified is for courses (especially those that don’t require a clinical component) to be offered online. We are in the process of developing our curriculum and have identified at least five courses that we will start with as online courses. This presents the challenge of writing those courses so that they can be online. Not many of the current faculty has that skill. I have been taking courses online myself, but am not sure that I would be able or qualified to teach an online course. With the end of the nursing shortage nowhere in sight, the convenience of online courses will help. This presents another problem in that there is a shortage of nursing instructors and probably a shortage of instructors that are techno savvy. Schools need to make sure that their faculty has both the technological skills as well as the clinical knowledge.

Healthcare Online Education Consultant

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