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Medication Errors

September 29, 2011

I am a Chronic Care Coordinator and partner with Primary Care Providers in chronic care management. Our patients have multiple chronic medical conditions. This care team provides care for patients ranging in age from 18- 75. We facilitate transitions of care between departments and external providers. Patient education is promoted for self care management. Care Coordinators review charts on patients who recently were discharged from hospital and who are in need of a telephonic hospital outreach. This outreach call helps the patient coordinate a medication care plan. A review of their medications upon discharge is verified and the medications they were instructed to stop. However, what we often find is that patients have not been given the correct names of medications or the patient gave the medical staff the correct name but the wrong time frame they have been taking the medication. Frequently the patients have failed to mention over the counter herbal medications that interfere with the reaction for many drugs. Patient education regarding their medications should cover questions as to purpose, dose, and administration time. Pending the outcome of the review we may find different compliance’s that may hinder them taking their medications with factors such as vision, education and finances. A referral to a home care service visit by a RN or an additional office visit for further education regarding medication management, screening for cognitive ability and depression, greatly increases prescription effectiveness.


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Technology Skills and Clinical Knowledge

September 23, 2011

Our nursing program is in the process of applying to become a degree-granting program. We are currently a diploma program. One of the needs we have identified is for courses (especially those that don’t require a clinical component) to be offered online. We are in the process of developing our curriculum and have identified at least five courses that we will start with as online courses. This presents the challenge of writing those courses so that they can be online. Not many of the current faculty has that skill. I have been taking courses online myself, but am not sure that I would be able or qualified to teach an online course. With the end of the nursing shortage nowhere in sight, the convenience of online courses will help. This presents another problem in that there is a shortage of nursing instructors and probably a shortage of instructors that are techno savvy. Schools need to make sure that their faculty has both the technological skills as well as the clinical knowledge.

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New baby

September 13, 2011

Content by Donny Vinson

I am now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl. She is the most precious thing I have ever held in my entire life. Sometimes I find myself watching her sleep and thinking how peaceful she looks. When she first came, I didn’t know what I was going to do. There was no way I could afford a baby. I was starting to feel my debt downing me before I had a baby. What was I going to do with an added person? After many sleepless nights, I started thinking of anything and everything I could do. I needed to save money in every place I could. I learned how to coupon and save on groceries. I would also be able to save on diapers and formula with coupons. I found lower New york energy rates. I even cut back on my television channel package. I honestly feel that I have a good grip on my saving and spending and I am going to be able to provide a wonderful home for my little one. Life is good!

Rosetta Translation

September 8, 2011

Frequently our work requires legal translation services. Our work may involve a company outside of the USA, a division of a company outside of the country, and/or contract work with a non-English speaking person. In these situations, we may turn to legal translation companies. We search for those companies said to have highly accredited legal translators. Our company consists of primarily healthcare informaticists and secretaries. Thus, we need to outsource our legal translation work. We prefer to use companies that maintain legal professions, legal proofreaders, and legal translators. It is good to have general proofreaders and translators available. However, the expert legal proofreaders and translators provide a higher standard of service. It is best to start with the legal experts than to have to modify work done by the non-legal experts. The legal experts are not all lawyers.

Sometimes we need an accurate interpretation of a document written in a foreign language. Many of these documents are court records. No one wants to have a misinterpretation of such important documents.

There are two things people should ask about when deciding on a legal translation agency. They are the ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the DIN EN 15038 norm. Few agencies have these two items.

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