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Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

I absolutely love watching the local news but sometimes it makes me feel like I’m kind of in a bubble. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot going on in town and it’s nice to know which high school team won the game and where they’re opening a new grocery store but when I got satellite last month I started watching a lot more national stuff. Now I can’t stop! Did you have any idea how many big time, all day news channels there are out there? I’m not really partial to any particular one but I would say I like CNN more than I do Fox News. MNSBC is also good but honestly, I don’t really care what it is – if it’s news, I’m interested. I don’t even really have any money in the stock market but even if it’s a show about picking stocks I’m going to watch it! I think for some reason it makes me feel better about watching so much TV when I feel like I’m actually learning something.



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