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Reduce our national debt by reducing the federal electronic medical records mandate

July 11, 2011

I agree that electronic medical records (EMR) that help to save lives, reduce paperwork, reduce expenses, and secure healthcare information. Larger vehicles like SUVs can also save lives and secure passengers. But, this does not mean that every family or business needs to trade in their fuel efficient smaller cars for larger SUVs. This is more true when these families and businesses are struggling during this economic recession (or depression).

Our government can save money by not currently dealing with the EMR mandate, by not tying up our court system with this mandate and letting our hospitals spend this money within their communities (meaning the government does not have to put extra money into these communities).

President Obama, this is one way of reducing your stress, the legislators’ stress, the courts’ stress, and the stress of the American people. Relieve our nation of the current EMR mandate. Consider a revised and later mandate.

Thank you.

Healthcare Online Education Consultant

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