The Bright Side Of The Electronic Medical Record


Clients and their families having satisfaction with their hospital experience has taken it’s place at the forefront of patient care. Although this is not a new concept, it is having more emphasis placed upon it than ever before.

With the emergence of the electronic medical record there have also emerged new ways to bring satisfaction to our clients. Nurses have much more information at their fingertips than ever before, we rarely have to leave a patient’s bedside to answer their questions. If they have a question concerning one of their medications, the nurse can click the icon on their computer and find the answer the patient seeks, and can just as easily print out this information for the client to refer to. A client that is on a fluid restriction who wants to know how many more glasses of water they are able to have can have their answer instantly with a click on the input and output tab, where an up to the minute tally is readily available.

In many instances the nurse also benefits, if a client asks for pain medication, there is now a colored line that shows up next to the medication as to what time the medication can be given, there is no more searching for the last dose and counting the hours between doses.

The newer versions of the electronic medical record have a client’s lab values and allergies, not only a click away, but automatically have a pop up box that warns the doctor or nurse who orders or is about to administer a medication, such as potassium, that there is a contraindication with the daily lab results or the clients allergies.

As a profession, nurses go through many transitions in the daily care of their clients. Some of these transitions may be difficult to adjust to, others have flaws and need to be adjusted to better serve the nurse and client. Our attitude can make all the difference, looking at the bright side with a positive attitude can make our work experience a more positive one. One thing is for certain the electronic age is not going to go away, it is here to stay.


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