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Healthcare Informatics and Nutrition

July 28, 2010

With computerized technology, an individual’s nutritional status can be assessed and analyzed with thoroughness. This technology can be utilized in many different aspects to complete a nutritional assessment. One aspect is a measurement of oral intake and urinary output over a 24 hour period or for several days. This inputted data can be utilized to make dietary recommendations by the healthcare provider including the dietitian. BMI or Body Mass Index can also be assessed by completing a nutritional assessment. This computerized data can also be used to make dietary recommendations by the healthcare provider. Management of chronic conditions can also by assessed to assist in promoting optimal health status. This can be accomplished by evaluating computed lab data to monitor lab results such as blood glucoses for an diabetic individual. With this analysis, dietary modifications can be recommended to promote optimal health status if needed for this individual. Nutritional assessments and recommendations by the healthcare provider can assist in wound healing, weight gain or loss, and achieving an optimal health status. Computerized nutritional assessments are one of many healthcare assessments that can be utilized in patient care.


Health Assessment for Nursing Practice

July 28, 2010

Many healthcare facilities currently utilize an EMR or an electronic medical record for patient healthcare documentation. This is also a tool to utilize and document health care assessments. The advantages on an EMR are numerous, and some of these advantages are communication of patient care data that can be accessed by many different healthcare professionals. This is an important factor especially concerning patient safety as healthcare data can be accessed to provide seamless patient care. This also provides access to healthcare information when the patient is unable to provide healthcare information as in an emergency situation. Another important factor is communication among healthcare professionals such as acute care professionals and primary care professionals or between the lab personnel and a physician. With the disadvantages, there are some, but the advantages of an EMR outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages include continual updates of computer equipment and continual requirements of staff education which is a cost factor for healthcare facilities that utilize an EMR. Informatics and healthcare assessments can and are blended which is an asset to patient care especially with patient safety and enhancing communication among healthcare professionals.

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