Healthcare Informatics and Health Assessment


Healthcare informatics is utilized by most healthcare facilities and professionals in the United States. In the daily care of patients, some form of computerized technology is used. In studying skin, hair and nails, head, eyes, ears, nose and throat, and the respiratory system, different forms of technology are utilized to complete assessment of these body systems. In terms of an electronic medical record, the assessment of these body systems are imputed into a computerized program. This allows this assessment to be accessed by all healthcare providers caring for a particular patient. Vital sign assessment is completed by computerized technology such as an automatic blood pressure and temperature assessment. Computerized radiological equipment such as CT scanner is used to assess body systems including the head, nose, throat, lungs, etc. Also, computerized laboratory equipment is utilized to assess body systems such as blood gases for the respiratory system. With this explanation, it is apparent the overlap of healthcare informatics and health assessment.


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