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In researching a request by our hospital staff for a new Coumadin video to be used for patient education, I came across and wonderful website.  It is Patient Education Matters and is found at  . This blog spot was developed to assist healthcare professionals in the development, sharing and use of patient education materials.  The format is a biweekly newsletter, to which I will now subscribe, is totally dedicated to matters of patient education.  Patient education topics and resources are featured with each publication with links to education materials.  In this week’s edition Warfarin or Coumadin is featured as a resource.

In the case of Coumadin education, Patient Education Matters have linked to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) where I found many Coumadin resources for patients and families.  “Your Guide to Coumadin/Warfarin Therapy” is a video available in both English and Spanish.  There were other education resources for patients available including a comprehensive patient handout.  These resources can be downloaded at no cost or in the case of the handout ordered as single copies free of cost. 

In addition to Coumadin education, Patient Education Matters has a topic index for a host of patient education topics.  Links are provided to the actual education source.  If the education topic needed is not listed they also have a Google search engine that searches across multiple patient education websites at once. 

Our organization is fortunate to have a video on demand education system for our patients.  However patient education such as is available from Patient Education Matters could be utilized in some of the outlying clinic areas or by patients once discharged to refresh knowledge. 

Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Online Class

Patient Education & Counseling Online Class

Health Care Informatics Online Certificate Program

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2 Responses to “Patient Education Matters”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for bringing up the people who don’t have internet.  That didn’t cross my mind.  I thought it was referring to a website where health care providers could go to get information for the patients.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I agree that a website that patients can to go to get information about medications or a diagnosis is a great resource but what about the people that don’t have access to the internet? I think so many people are just jumping to putting everything on the internet but they forget that not everyone has the internet or knows how to use it, so in my eyes they are missing out on helpful information.

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