Information Technology: A Mandatory Part of Nursing Curriculum


I feel that most nursing programs do focus on the bedside care of the patients. As a clinical nursing instructor teaching disease process, nursing assessment, medications, clinical skills and patient education are a priority in our program. Our program has integrated technology however. The students that we have are very techno savvy. They have the ability to text page, while taking notes during lecture and respond to IM. These students will have no problem with the new computer charting that many of us “mature” nurses have. Our program gives the students PDA’s with dictionaries, drug books, and lab manuals loaded on them to use as references. Lectures are placed on Blackboard for students to download and study from. We have the ability to interact with our students online for preclinical assignments. This allows the students and instructors to be at home with family and friends rather than back out in the classroom. Nursing schools don’t necessarily have to teach computer skills as part of the curriculum, but can have the students take a class as a prerequisite. Each hospital has their own system and the types of equipment changes as newer and better one arrive. The new nurses will get the training on the equipment and system that is used by that hospital as part of the orientation process. I believe that we are doing a good job of using some of this technology in my program to help better prepare our students.

Online Education Health Care Informatics Certificate Program

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