The Impact of On-line Education in The Rural Setting


Education of nursing staff in the rural setting has long been a challenge. The cost of bringing educators out into the rural environment to present to a small handful of staff severely limit’s the amount of actual classes a facility can offer. This, coupled with the current economic times, has practically stopped on site education for the rural hospitals. The advent of easy to access and cost effective on line education has been a life saver to the educational component of nursing. It is now possible for the nurses to keep current on trends and standards of practice without having to travel long distances to do so. The hospital doesn’t have to spend as great a portion of it’s to few resources on the education needed by the staff. Those few dollars can now be used for the certifications that need to be done on site, such as trauma nursing core courses. The other benefit to on line courses is that nurses can take these classes while at work, during the times that the unit is patient free. This happens more often than we would like to see, but at least now the staff can use that time for something constructive.

Online Healthcare Informatics Education Certificate Program

Online Nursing Courses

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