Internet Access: Changing Rural Nursing


Working in a small rural hospital you get used to doing without and making do with what you have. Money is always an issue, and the nursing staff longingly looks at more modern equipment, better forms, and electronic medical records.

While we may be small, we are still held to the same standards of nursing that any nurse is held to. We still need to do patient assessments, carry out doctors orders, and give good, solid patient care. The area that becomes problematic is in the education and discharge instructions that must be given to patients. Without the money to buy programs it has long been a struggle to develop adequate information that can be disseminated to the patient. It is now possible to go on line and take advantage of many free programs that offer patient education materials and discharge instructions.

Our hospital has been able to pick a site that the nurses and providers felt met our needs, and we can go online and print off any education and discharge instructions that will meet each patients needs. We are now able to give disease specific, up to date, instructions. Our patients are now very informed on their disease process, and we passed our Critical Access Hospital survey tag dealing with education and discharge planning.

Online Healthcare Informatics Education Certificate Program

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