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I agree that the medical knowledge is much easier for everyone to obtain. It has made it much easier to provide patient education to our patients in the occupational healthcare setting. We simply go to a program called Dynamed and can quickly obtain the information we need, print the patient education flyers, and even obtain continuing education credit for completing the entire reading on the topic. This has made it very easy to provide concise, complete, and up to date information on a variety of topics. I remember 20 years ago in the ER, we had a "card" file on about 20 diagnoses that we gave to patients for information on their diagnosis. It was very generic and non-specific compared to today’s Internet information.

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May 27, 2009
Title: Patient Education, Computers, Internet
The Internet has made access to medical knowledge much easier for everyone to obtain. At one time the information was only available through books, available at the Dr.’s office, hospital library, or medical library. The information is now available to patients as well as anyone who wants to find more information on a medical subject.
At the click of the mouse, a nurse can find out if 2 medications are compatible in IV form. Before she would have to look it up in an IV handbook, if one was available, or call the pharmacy.
I find that some patients are more informed about their own health, and can participate in their own healthcare, especially when multiple disciplines are concerned. Patients can also look on the Internet and see if there are any natural treatments to assist in their care and then discuss them with their physician. When you pick up an RX, there is printed information about the drug with it.
The Internet has made it possible for many to obtain medical information to either help them as a patient or health care provider.

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