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Stress and workload, comment

December 28, 2009

I also agree with both the original poster and the commentor regarding the stress of completing our nursing degrees and dealing with life in general. I also have a full time job where I travel around the country. I find that our textbooks are too heavy to take on the road so most times, I leave it at home and do my work on the weekends. My family responsibilities have changed as my children have completed their educations and now I feel that I must complete my own education. I am taking the degree completion RN program and find that when I have time to study and read, it is very enjoyable. I do feel stressed during my tests but that was like that 30 years ago in my diploma nursing program. I read that "A state of stress turns on the stress response mechanism" in Thibodeau’s Anatomy and Physiology. Our body helps us respond to stress and usually that works for me. I know that I will feel a lot less stressed when I finish my current class and then my Capstone class. I really feel that I have increased my knowledge and enjoyed learning "again" so much that I learned so many years ago. I think that we will all be better nurses due to this online learning. We should all be so proud of ourselves for pushing through our "stress" and making graduation happen!

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June 15, 2009
Title: Stress and workload
I thought it was appropriate to discuss stress because that’s exactly what I am feeling about my degree program. It does feature online interaction and computer use. The purpose of my degree program was to prepare myself on how to be a better Community Health Nurse; I did not think it was to send time on academic work. I went to bed last night feeling very stressed. My workday is already 9 hours long and by the time I get to my computer at night I am already tired and stressed. What am I going to do about it? I don’t know. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. Many Nurses are already feeling the strain of work, family, education etc. I graduated from Nursing in 1982 at the ripe age of 19; it was a 3-year diploma program. Now it’s all about the degree and it is becoming increasingly difficult for diploma nurses to move forward in their career. With the national nursing shortage one would think the government would concentrate on more effective ways for diploma nurses to bridge over to their degree. I can’t afford to take 2 years off to go back to school and taking a course at a time I will be ready to retire by the time I get my degree.

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Patient Education, Computers, Internet; comment

December 28, 2009

I agree that the medical knowledge is much easier for everyone to obtain. It has made it much easier to provide patient education to our patients in the occupational healthcare setting. We simply go to a program called Dynamed and can quickly obtain the information we need, print the patient education flyers, and even obtain continuing education credit for completing the entire reading on the topic. This has made it very easy to provide concise, complete, and up to date information on a variety of topics. I remember 20 years ago in the ER, we had a "card" file on about 20 diagnoses that we gave to patients for information on their diagnosis. It was very generic and non-specific compared to today’s Internet information.

Original Post
May 27, 2009
Title: Patient Education, Computers, Internet
The Internet has made access to medical knowledge much easier for everyone to obtain. At one time the information was only available through books, available at the Dr.’s office, hospital library, or medical library. The information is now available to patients as well as anyone who wants to find more information on a medical subject.
At the click of the mouse, a nurse can find out if 2 medications are compatible in IV form. Before she would have to look it up in an IV handbook, if one was available, or call the pharmacy.
I find that some patients are more informed about their own health, and can participate in their own healthcare, especially when multiple disciplines are concerned. Patients can also look on the Internet and see if there are any natural treatments to assist in their care and then discuss them with their physician. When you pick up an RX, there is printed information about the drug with it.
The Internet has made it possible for many to obtain medical information to either help them as a patient or health care provider.

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Ethics, comment

December 28, 2009

Review of Health Care Informatics, An Interdisciplinary Approach by Englebardt and Nelson.

Ethical dilemmas in the workplace can be a very difficult situation to deal with as a nurse. We are often put in the position to be the patient’s advocate and that can be a very tough place to be for the nurse. I, too, have been in a situation where my doctor made a decision on an occupational drug test that was clearly unethical. I had to go to our Medical Director to get advice and when he became involved, the original doctor became very upset. However, that being said, I did the right thing and the outcome was correct. It is very difficulty to make a decision to "go over the doctor’s head" but I was being ethical and I slept much better because I had done it. Unlike the previous poster, the doctor did not understand even after much discussion.

Original Post
May 18, 2009
Title: Ethics
Really enjoyed the chapter on ethics from my textbook in Dr. Johnson’s class; I was lucky enough to attend a 2 day seminar in Ottawa that was mostly focused on ethical dilemma’s in the workplace. We presented different scenario’s which were really useful for future guidance. Of particular interest was the Nurse-Doctor relationship; when to step out of bounds as a patient advocate. We are often faced with difficult decisions regarding treatment of our pts. Do we agree or disagree with what the Dr. has prescribed? In one case I knew if I followed through on the treatment plan that the pt. could suffer undue harm therefore I was left with no choice but to report the problem to a senior medical advisor. It caused an uncomfortable situation for the Dr., and myself however after much discussion he was able to understand I was only acting on behalf of the pt. The chapter really gave me some knowledge of how to handle these situations.

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