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I agree wholeheartedly with the post about the value of the chapter learning aids for the Advanced Physiology course. I believe even as an "old-timer" nurse that they are very valuable. I have not taken an A/P college course for 32 years and through study of this course, I am finding out that I really needed the review. I believe the tables summarize very well the information that I need to review. I am amazed at the quality of this text compared to the texts that I had in my previous educational experience. Also, a visual learner, I appreciate the illustrations and find them very valuable in "seeing" what is being taught. I am finding that studying and testing in an online course situation, is in fact a great way to get the educational credentials that are needed in today’s workforce. I appreciate the organization of this text book and find that the time that I am taking to use the textbook is lessened due to the valuable format. I am in Dr. Johnson’s class using ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY, 6th Edition, by Thibodeau and Patton.

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September 14, 2009
The use of learning aids
The use of the chapter learning aids for the Advanced Anatomy and Physiology course are excellent tools for any student, whether you are a novice or expert nurse. I am sure I am not the only student who has not done an in depth review on A& P for quite some time. The tables really help to summarize the information and the boxes give you a visual description of the illustrations; which definitely enables me to take the material I have read and apply it to the concepts. On line study is difficult at times, it allows the convenience of working at your own pace but at times the lack of classroom interaction proves challenging for me. I am more of a visual learner and I really appreciate all of the added material and tips this course has to offer. It is a lot of information to process but the aids definitely help!

Online Advanced Physiological Nursing Course

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