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I totally agree with you regarding the medical information on the Internet. Have you ever tried to research a medical issue and found so many different sources that even as a medical professional, you don’t know what to trust? I have become very leery of the purpose of each site that I visit for information. Sometimes, they are just trying to sell something like vitamins. I have become aware of the need to check what audience that they are serving in order to determine the validity of their information. Another important issue to check when looking for information is the date that the information was provided since it is very important that medical information is up to date and not stagnant. I always suggest to my patients that they run the information about their diseases past their doctor to determine if it is appropriate to their own personal medical issues.

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September 25, 2009
Title: Medical information and the Internet
It is becoming increasingly difficult to gauge the reliability of health information on the web. Just until recently, it was extremely difficult for many people to search for healthcare information, but advances in technology, such as the Internet, are making it more accessible. Patient centered medical information on the Internet could provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to learn more about patients’ and relatives’ concerns and to refer them to such reliable sources of information when and where appropriate. However, little has been done to assess, control, and assure the quality of this medical information that has flooded the web. Difficulty in judging the validity of this influx of medical information thus poses a problem for people using the Internet. The Internet can be a good source of information on common health problems, but advice obtained through the web should not be a substitute for routine care by a family doctor or other medical professional.

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