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Nursing Electronic Charting

December 8, 2009

The use of electronic charting has increased the accuracy and completeness of nursing documentation, eliminated redundancy, automated the collection and reuse of nursing data and facilitated the analysis of clinical data. The ability to quickly retrieve nursing data promotes decision-making at all levels of healthcare delivery. In addition, the use of electronic charting has provided consistency with the Joint Commission indicators, and federal or state mandated and facility specific data. The ability to effectively manage and communicate data using computer systems and telecommunications has catalyzed the emergence of the science of nursing informatics. With that being said, patient charting still requires substantial time to record the variety of complex care delivered to the patient. One would think that a nurse could quickly go in and check a few boxes and be done with it. However, that is not so. There may be several programs to access, multiple tabs to click and numerous entries to account for. Charting thoroughly on patient assessments, medications, treatments, teaching, changes in condition, physician contact, care plans, etc. can account for a significant amount of time. Though charting methods have improved remarkable over the years, it remains a vital, but incredibly complex and time consuming component of the delivery of patient care.

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