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Foundations of Health Care Informatics

November 19, 2009

Overall I thought this Module 2 of Healthcare Informatics certificate program was a good next step from Module 1. And that it got a little more in depth with the topics presented. I am glad that I have continued in this program and look forward to Module 3.

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Clinical decision support systems

November 19, 2009

We discuss clinical decision support systems on a daily basis where I work. We discuss the pro’s and con’s of it. Some of the older providers do not like the idea because they do not want someone or something telling them how to practice medicine. I think it should be mandatory for all providers in our organization to take a class on clinical decision support and how it can benefit them. We work in a very litigious environment and in part most of our lawsuits stem from providers not being thorough enough. A good clinical decision support system would prompt them to ask certain questions or order certain test.

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Support Systems

November 19, 2009

In this assignment within my Health Care Informatics online certificate program, I learned about administrative decision support systems. My organization is in the process of purchasing a new EHR and there are so many factors that play a role in this. We need an EHR that does more than track patients visits. This assignment touched on the different types of decision support systems and what each system could be used for.

Health Care Informatics online certificate program

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Blum’s Model

November 19, 2009

I am glad that this Module 2 of Healthcare Informatics took up where Module 1 left off. There was a whole chapter (3) on databases in the first assignment. That was one of the topics that I wrote about in Module 1 that i wanted to learn more about. I also learned about the Blum model. No one has ever mentioned that model before.

Health Care Informatics online certificate program

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Implementation of Electronic Medical Records

November 18, 2009

Our hospital is, like so many others, contemplating which of the many EMR systems we will choose to meet the federal mandate.  Our entire clinic and hospital staff members are very concerned about how this will go.  Three years ago we attempted implementation of an EMR clinic package that would save us time and money in our operation of the clinic.  The resulting debacle almost closed the clinic, and cost the organization so much that it took us over two years to recover.  We not only had to recover the money lost while we tried the conversion, but had to spend the last three years regaining the confidence of the community and rebuilding our clientele. 
We learned that it is well worth the time and effort to look at multiple systems, be very clear on what the product will deliver, and make sure that direct on site support is available during the start up and beyond if needed.  Buy in from all staff involved is also imperative.  This time around we will definitely take our time, get many different points of view, and assign a team to be in charge of implementation when it happens.

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Informatics and Continuing Education for Nurses

November 16, 2009

In light of the economic climate in today’s health care setting, many organizations have curtailed offering their own continuing education (CE) programs and have turned to purchased on-line programs. These packaged programs often offer unlimited ANCC approved CE offerings at a reasonable cost. Many organizations have made the transition from lecture situations to on-line CE offerings to save money and avoid the drain on resources. In addition, relieving nurses from bedside care to attend offerings proves to be a challenge. Many of the on-line programs involve contemporary nursing practice on disease processes and application of patient assessment is integrated into the text. The individual offerings are modeled on evidence based practice and advance the practitioners knowledge and application. This type of delivery also tests knowledge level as opposed to an actual live CE presentation which usually only evaluates satisfaction level. In addition, besides an endless variety of topics, CE on-line programs offer convenience as they can be taken at any location, and at any time of the day or night. By blending this approach with hands on experiences, the nurse can enhance his/her own practice. Though this type of education is not for everyone, I think we will continue to see this method of computer education increasing.

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Skin Documentation in Acute Care

November 11, 2009

Acute health care is just now beginning to realize the importance of good documentation of skin integrity and pressure sores on the new patient. It is somewhat sad that this interest had to be sparked by the payment issue from Medicare. Medicare will not pay for pressure ulcers that are acquired while a patient is in the hospital. It is now of utmost importance to hospitals that all pressure areas are documented on admission. The acute side of medicine need look no further that the specialty of Long Term Care to find the many ways to document and follow up on pressure areas. It does not matter whether you are using a computerized program, or old fashioned paper and pen, unless the person assessing the pressure area knows how to correctly document the wound, the entry into the computer will do nothing for assessment.

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Decisions in Healthcare: Man vs Machine

November 10, 2009

After reading the current blogs on medication administration I now have to question my desire to implement a dispensing system in our hospital and nursing home. Our administrative team has been looking over different EMR systems, including medication administration, to improve the patient care and efficiency in our facility. All of the vendors mention the time saving that happens with the electric medical records, and they all state that their systems will all but eliminate errors. It is interesting to hear from others with experience using these types of systems that the errors still occur. I concur that a computer is only as good and error free as the person entering the data, or the one using the machine. If each person included in the administration and delivery of the medication does not follow correct protocol, there will always be medication errors. The advent of machines does not take away the importance of learning and using correct procedure for delivery of medical care.

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