The Need for Standardization. Is it necessary?


I have had the opportunity to listen to Steve Shaha twice now in my career. He is able to place standards of care in a completely different perspective. He uses charts and slides and math and statistics. He makes his information usable and understandable. He assists hospitals with the information that he gleans from charts and is able to make correlations. He was able to work with a NICU out west and decrease there infant mortality by 75% in one year after discovering through patient chart reviews and collection of data that there was a cycle associated with the mortality rate at this institution. The cycle, he found, happened to correlate with feeding, and his discovery led to a change in how lipids were administered. This small change in care brought about the 75% decrease in mortality. Steve is also able to put his numbers into useful categories for us non-math people. The change that was instituted at this facility saved the lives of 21 premature infants in one year. Numbers of a different kind for me. His work has brought care standards to the forefront to people who will listen. Hopefully the right people are listening.

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