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My upcoming workload is a bit overwhelming, during the next two months, with out the added stress of my online course. Although I only have to complete Advanced Anatomy, Physiology, and my Capstone project, I truly feel no end in site or even worse, the fact that I may not pass my A&P. I now feel that I must register for my last course when I am about to start my second half of this course, just to finish prior the end of November. This is because hopefully I can relax and enjoy the holidays with my family and be done by the deadline of the end of the year. Each day I work to do the best job an educator can do, and try to accomplish each of my tasks in a rather timely fashion, but in nursing, there are always speed bumps in the road to prevent you from getting out on time, which is usually around 4-5pm. I can function pretty well with my computer but I am having quite a bit of trouble at times accessing the Evolve website. I really do not have the time to call tech support as that usually means an entire evening is wasted trying to solve a computer problem. When I finally can get on, it is either to take a quiz, or submit my forum post. Taking a quiz. (Alternatively, mid-term or final) is extremely stressful to me. Not only do I generally freeze up during quizzes or tests, but also, there is a little clock in the right hand corner, quietly ticking down the time left before my test should be complete. In addition, if that is not enough stress on my plate, every now and then, a small box appears in the center of my test questions, letting me know exactly how many minutes I have left. This, I do not need on top of my already high anxiety level. I talk frequently to a few of my fellow clinicians that are in the same boat as I, trying to obtain their BS in Nursing before the end of the year and they are stressed to the max. With both the flu epidemics fast approaching, we all wonder what kind of condition we all will be in by the time we are done. We will all push on to do our jobs, do our homework, complete our quizzes and hopefully finish in time to meet our dead lines.

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July 15, 2009
Title: Stress and workload
Stress and workload; I thought it was appropriate to discuss stress because that’s exactly what I am feeling about my degree program. It does feature online interaction and computer use. The purpose of my degree program was to prepare myself on how to be a better Community Health Nurse; I did not think it was to send time on academic work. I went to bed last night feeling very stressed. My workday is already 9 hours long and by the time I get to my computer at night I am already tired and stressed. What am I going to do about it? I don’t know. I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way. Many Nurses are already feeling the strain of work, family, education etc. I graduated from Nursing in 1982 at the ripe age of 19; it was a 3-year diploma program. Now it’s all about the degree and it is becoming increasingly difficult for diploma nurses to move forward in their career. With the national nursing shortage one would think the government would concentrate on more effective ways for diploma nurses to bridge over to their degree. I can’t afford to take 2 years off to go back to school and taking a course at a time I will be ready to retire by the time I get my degree.

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