The Elderly and the Internet, comment


Social networking has become a way for the elderly to communicate with friends and family. More and more are moving away from email and logging into social networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Why are they choosing to use these social networking sites over email? Simply for the convenience, and the fact that they can reach people they have not communicated with in a long time. With email, you have to have an actual address, which limits who they are able to communicate with. While this has become a great tool for parents and grandparents to connect with their family, some of the younger generations are not so keen on the idea that their parents or grandparents are able to be added to their "friend list." Retirement is a wonderful concept, but the reality is that most people are not able to retire and maintain the standard of living they are accustomed to. Not only are those who retire needing to find supplemental income, many people who have not had to work are finding it nearly impossible to survive in this economy without some form of income. Therefore, they are logging onto the Internet to search for home business opportunities. Once they have found what they would like to pursue, they start using the Internet for information and for marketing purposes. Social networking sites have made it possible for the elderly who have chosen to find a way to make an income from home to network with others. These sites are a great way to find support, as well as market their business. Many people reaching the age of retirement are using the Internet to make plans for traveling. The Internet is an excellent tool for people to find the best deals and best places to go. The mature users of the Internet population have grown over the last few years, as well as the reasons for which the elderly are using the Internet. There are many more people ages 55 and over that are more familiar with how to use the Internet due to training through work, which allows for more people in this age group to access the Internet for a variety of reasons. With the increase in the need for a supplemental income after retirement, more people will turn to the Internet for business opportunities. Internet businesses will begin to target more people in this age group, which will increase mature Internet users. Will the elderly someday dominate the Internet? With the users becoming younger and younger each year, it is not likely, but they will definitely make up a significant percentage.

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September 7, 2009
Title: The Elderly and the Internet, comment
Having my grandmother who lives in another state send all of us daily emails has had a positive effect on not only us, but also my grandmother. She is sick and unable to travel, she finds comfort in sending out emails and jokes to her family. She has even recently joined Facebook! Which was shocking to me at first. But the more the elderly do stay in touch with friends and family the better! I have read many articles in the past regarding the importance of keeping your mind stimulated as you age and never stop learning. So for the elderly to branch out and learn new technology, can only bring them a wealth of information, and keep there minds stimulated!

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August 26, 2009
The Elderly and The Internet, comment
While I agree that the Internet has enabled the elderly as well as many others an opportunity to research health information. The elderly must be aware that all sites do not contain quality accurate medical information and that the researchers should use caution. Information should be taken from sites with long established history for providing credible and reliable medical information. Now, from a purely mental health prospective, the Internet provides an opportunity for the elderly to connect with family, senior citizen groups, and other outside activities that they would otherwise not have any access. In this day of modern technology, not many family members are reachable by home phones; therefore cell phones, email, and text messages are the norms for communication. In fact, if one wants to keep in touch with family and especially the teenaged family members, email and text messages are their best chance for communication. In addition, with the limited amount of patience and attention teenagers’ exhibit, a brief and not so personal interaction with elderly relatives is about all they can stand. So if text messaging is the chosen method of communication, one must become well informed about the text language. In addition, for many elderly people having the ability to stay in regular contact with family members does as much or more for their psyche than anything else does.

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April 29, 2009
The Elderly and the Internet
The Internet has become not only a useful tool for the elderly by providing a lifeline to friends and family, but also offers a source of references for those seeking health information. Health Promotion (2006) notes: “because individuals will be increasingly responsible for their own health, they will need access to quality information that has not been readily available in the past.” They also go on to recommend “Net Wellness, an electronic consumer health information services that provides the best possible health information to the broadest possible populations.” This site not only provides consumers with information on health topics, they also assists in locating health centers and provides a reference library. In addition, the site will respond to health related questions, drawing upon a panel of almost 500 experts. It has become a one-stop shopping mall for the health information consumer. As long as the resources are available (computer and hook-up), the ease of using a computer is readily mastered for most, regardless of age. My mother has been proficient on her PC for many years, and in the Human Resource office of the organization where I work, Bob, a 94-year old volunteer, has assisted customers with filling out on-line applications for several years. I think he is always amazed by the number of younger people that are not comfortable on the computer and takes a sense of pride in his skill level. By using the computer to broaden one’s knowledge of health promotion, we all become wiser consumers, including those of all ages.

Online Computer Class for Senior Citizen Healthcare Workers

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