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My favorite thing about online learning is that I can participate in any class, any time day or night. When I returned to graduate school, I was required to attend a traditional NP program, which is only based in a classroom setting. Although returning to graduate school meant probably being in the presence of more mature and experienced nurses, there would also be those novice who just finished their BSN and decided to go right into graduate school without ever experiencing what actual nursing is all about. So these younger, unseasoned, newly graduated with their BSN nurses bring their usual way of learning into this arena where they have had to memorize all the details the professor spills out just in case it will be on the test. Therefore, they ask tons of questions about every little thing because they have no firsthand knowledge about nursing only knowledge gained from whatever the book said. Although I feel that new graduates should get out and get a feel for bedside nursing before they declare what area of nursing will be their life’s work. At the same time the thought of going ahead and finishing your education while in your youth is probably foremost on their minds as opposed to working full time just to get experience and then returning to school at a later date. Either way it is a personal choice and their chosen ways of learning have to be accepted and understood by those of us who actually pay attention to the lectures and not try to write down everything that is said in the classroom and miss the essence of the lecture.

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August 20, 2009
My Favorite Aspect of Online Learning
My favorite part of online learning is that there are no stupid questions asked. I get very impatient in class when students ask questions that are relative only to them or that have already been answered earlier in the class. It seems that the people who ask the most questions are those that pay the least amount of attention. Often times the answer to their question has either already been reviewed or is located on a power point/email somewhere. It can be very annoying. It has been 2 and ½ years since I have been in school and I am about to rejoin the classroom setting; I am not excited for the "question students." This is why professors put together lectures and send out emails, to prepare students for the exams, quizzes, clinicals, etc. I hope that in graduate school the students read a little more carefully. To summarize, thank you Dr. Johnson for providing me with an advanced health assessment class that lacks obnoxious question sessions.

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