The pro’s of online learning in the nursing world


Nursing education and nursing students have changed. When deciding to take online nursing courses, other factors must be considered. What you need to participate in online classes varies with the sophistication of the tools used by the course instructor. Sending and receiving e-mail, participating in discussion groups, and viewing online syllabi require fairly simple technology. You need a computer with Internet access. It is important to investigate any technology issues in your area before undertaking a course. Access to the campus bookstore and library is critical, and journal articles must be available online. Some advantages of distance learning that I could come up with are: 1. Student-Centered versus Instructor-Directed Learning. Students take an active role in their own learning experience. 2. Flexibility. Students may work at their own computers on a weekend or the middle of the night, not having to worry about library hours or driving in bad weather. 3. Accessibility. Geographic proximity or time constraints do not prohibit students from utilizing these courses. 4. Student Interaction Increases. Students not only listen and take notes, but they also pose ideas to and ask questions of the instructor as well as other students in discussion groups. 5. Increased Sharing of Knowledge. In the traditional classroom, the instructor is the primary source of information. In distance learning, students have a greater opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, allowing the members of the group to learn from each other. 6. Immediate Access to Updated Material. Any material or announcements that have been changed can be distributed instantaneously. 7. Developing Technology Skills. Students are learning technology skills that they can apply later in their work setting. Online learning is being used by more and more educational institutions to provide both degrees and continuing education.

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