My Favorite Aspect of Online Learning


My favorite part of online learning is that there are no stupid questions asked. I get very impatient in class when students ask questions that are relative only to them or that have already been answered earlier in the class. It seems that the people who ask the most questions are those that pay the least amount of attention. Often times the answer to their question has either already been reviewed or is located on a power point/email somewhere. It can be very annoying. It has been 2 and ½ years since I have been in school and I am about to rejoin the classroom setting; I am not excited for the "question students." This is why professors put together lectures and send out emails, to prepare students for the exams, quizzes, clinicals, etc. I hope that in graduate school the students read a little more carefully. To summarize, thank you Dr. Johnson for providing me with an advanced health assessment class that lacks obnoxious question sessions.

Online Advanced Health Assessment Course, Online Nursing Education

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