Internet Education and a changing belief among traditional nurse educators, comment


I agree the comments made about the online student and educators. I currently work two different nursing jobs like various other nurses out in the world. Having to make time to show up to a class 5 days a week would nearly be impossible. For the online assessment class I currently am enrolled in, we had a lab portion in which we had to meet for a certain amount of hours to fulfill the hands on portion. This was very important sense we learned new skills (percussion) which is not taught in the BSN or ADN programs and is considered an "advanced practice" skill. Like the previous author I am in agreement that the access of the online course is wonderful but certain aspects where hands on learning is needed cannot be replaced. Would you want your surgeon cutting you open if he learned it on-line?

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July 29, 2009
Internet Education and a changing belief among traditional nurse educators, comment
I personally have mixed feelings about online education. I feel there are a variety of pros and cons dealing with this issue. The pros are that the student has high flexibility are far as the time constraints go and the student has the ability to take test and complete work according to their work schedule. The main negative is that the student has very limited amount of instructor interaction. Therefore if the student is having issues or a problem they can’t figure out they may become more anxious about completing assignments.

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