Online Education for Nursing Education


Online education for nurses Education through the means of computer and Internet for nursing professionals has become widely accepted and used in work settings. Hospitals provide classes to nurses for updating the employees on changes in online charting such as assessment documentation. Also, any new protocol that is initiated in the hospital, a mini class with a quiz at the end is usually constructed. All nurses take these mini courses online and get a grade at the end of the quiz. They must pass it and submit it to their supervisor in order to continue working. The use of such courses via the computer to help nurses learn new policies and procedures in their work environment is extremely beneficial to everyone involved. For example, I was required to take a course online regarding behavioral health patients since my unit is seeing more and more of these types of patients. It was helpful to have access to such information and know more about the care and documentation that needs to be performed on these patients. Now I will be ready for it whenever I may encounter a patient who is at risk for suicide. Such uses of computer for online education in the work setting are very helpful. I hope that all hospitals/clinics use this technology to keep their employees up to date with new and current policies and procedures.

Online Health Care Informatics educational certificate program

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