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I agree with this post completely. Health care has taken great advantage of online technology to educate their staff members on new policies, procedures, assessment criteria, etc. I think that using online course to educate regarding different policies and procedures is very effective and efficient. It saves everyone time, and is very convenient. The hospital where I work, I am able to access new courses online that my supervisor may have enrolled me into at any time and complete it. I am able to learn the new information at my own pace and do it whenever I have time. The courses are also interactive and at the end usually have a quiz to test your knowledge on the material. This makes sure that the staff have read and understood the concepts. I hope this type of online education is maintained at all healthcare facilities to keep all staff knowledgeable and informed.

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August 3, 2009
Title: Online Education

                  Most health care facilities now use online courses to keep their employees up-to-date on policies, procedures, documentation rules, and also current assessment criteria. These classes are self-taught and include text, pictures, and audio. The most recent class I took online for my job was on myocardial infarctions/angina. The hospital I work at is trying to become a chest pain center. The classes were helpful; you could go at your own speed, you could click forward or go back as you needed, they were interactive slides, and also a quiz at the end that you had to pass to get credit for the course. Much of the teaching were assessment tools. Criteria to look for when a patient begins complaining of chest pain and the ways to assess the type of pain it is and how to proceed from there.

                  This year I also took extensive classes online concerning pressure ulcers; their protocol, treatment, staging, and documentation. This online class was helpful. There were lots of pictures which is probably most important in learning to properly stage a pressure ulcer. Also it was very interactive. I believe that a big use of healthcare informatics is in teaching hospital/clinic staff. It is able to keep the employees current on their practices; including legal issues, abbreviations that we are able to be used, the correct way to chart, and also assessment tools. I was able to learn valuable pieces of information regarding the way I complete a patient’s assessment and how to document my findings. I believe this will continue to emerge as the predominant way that new information is given to the employees of a facility.

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