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The use of computers and other innovative technology in hospitals has increased greatly over the recent years. Most hospitals now use online charting and documentation of patient care and assessments. The ability to use this technology to delivery, document, and help with administration and evaluation of patient care and prevention of diseases is a great achievement in the healthcare world. My current work environment uses a computer software program to document a patient’s status and assessment. It also allows you to enter essential information such as vital signs, and any clinical notes. In addition, one can also see lab results and results of any other tests that have been performed on the patient on the computer. All medical personnel involved in the patients care are able to access the data entered by any professional working with the patient. For example, a respiratory therapist is able to enter data on a patient’s status pre and post a nebulizer treatment and a nurse can later go and see the results. This type of information sharing allows one to work effectively and efficiently at the same time. This process also saves time, and allows a professional to continue working with the other patients instead of waiting around to disclose the information to another professional working with the same patient. Lastly, another great benefit of online charting is the ability to read and understand information written about the patient’s health condition. There is no worry about trying to figure out what someone else’s messy hand writing states!

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