Is Online Learning Easier? (comment)


I agree that online learning is much more challenging than traditional classroom learning. Teachers do spoon-feed the students the information that is needed in order to pass the exams. Whereas online instruction is based on the assignments given and one must be prepared for every aspect of that assignment and not just focus on what the teacher says will be on the exam. Granted, you have some students who are more comfortable with having an instructor available immediately for any questions or unclear information. Online classes also offer access to the instructor as often as needed but much of online instruction requires the student to do the research and try to come up with the appropriate responses on their own before referring to the instructor. Online instruction requires individuals to become more independent and in charge of their own learning at their own pace. For me it has been a godsend.

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July 20, 2009
Title: Is Online Learning Easier?
While at work last night we had a discussion of the different types of programs where nurses can earn their BSN and/or MSN. I was surprised that the majority of nurses said they preferred the traditional classroom over online or distance programs. The view was there would not be the instructor support to help with elements of a course that the student was not able to understand. I look at this experience totally opposite, with the entire Internet at my disposal; I can research any topic and find the answers myself. In a classroom I would be limited to what the instructor was putting forth. Yes, I can always later do the online research but how often will that happen. I think in the classroom, instructors consciously or subconsciously teach to how they will test to insure the success of their students. With online learning, I am responsible for learning the material and have no idea what specific topics will be on an exam. It isn’t that it is easier to do an online degree program; it requires the desire to look for and learn the information as opposed to having it spoon-fed.

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